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How to Create, Enable and Disable Gmail Smart Reply

Google had announced Gmail’s Feature called Gmail Smart Reply feature at its annual developer conference, and at first, it was available to try out as an “experimental feature” on the desktop but now it is quite well developed. Smart Reply, predicts what we’ll write next as you type in the email. This feature is now also available in the Gmail App.

Smart Reply is currently only available in English and with it, Google had given fair warning that “Smart Replay was not designed to provide answers and it is not always able to predict the correct information from the user’s perspective but it is quite well from the general perspective.

Creating/Enabling the Gmail Smart reply system:

Gmail Smart Reply

  • At first, to turn on smart Replay, we have to make sure that we are using the new Gmail, then we have to click on the settings tab on the top right corner. Then we have to click on the box next to ‘enable experimental access’ within the panel. And then we have to save our change at the bottom. Once turned on we will see the prompt next time. We can start a new email which tells us about Smart Replay /compose and prompts us to press the tab key whenever we see a prediction we’d like to accept.

Disabling the Gmail Smart Reply system:

  1. First, we should go to the Gmail app which may be in mobile or browser.
  2. Then we have to click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. At the horizontal lines, we should tap on Settings.
  4. Then we should select the email account for which we want to turn off smart replies.
  5. After doing that we should scroll down to General > Smart Reply.
  6. Then we have to uncheck the checkbox next so that it Shows suggested replies when available.
  7. At last, we have to repeat the above steps for each email account you have.

How To Block Spam Emails On Yahoo Mail

How To Block Spam Emails On Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail is the online free service provided by the Yahoo service provider. Many people use this service and can be created more than 1 account per person. Some people send spam mails to others which may have the viruses or malfunctioning programs. You can block spam emails on Yahoo Mail. The instructions are given below.

To block spam emails on Yahoo mail, you can follow these steps:

  1. First off all, you will need to login your yahoo mail account in your browser. So, open the browser and open a search engine like Google in it. In search engine, you need to search for the Yahoo mail login.
  2. You will get numerous results as you search but you need to open the genuine one. Yahoo mail login page, you need to login by filling the blanks step by step.
  3. First, you need to fill with your username or email address and then you need to click on the “Next” button or simply press the “Enter” key from the keyboard. This will make you go ahead in steps.
    Block Spam Emails On Yahoo Mail
  4. So in next step, you will see another blank where you need to fill it with your login password. After filling that, you need to click on the “Next” button or simply press the “Enter” key from the keyboard.
  5. So, as you enter your account, you will need to check for some spam messages. If you have already received a spam message then check the Spam folder.
    Block Spam Emails On Yahoo Mail
  6. There you will get eh email address of the account that send you spam messages. So, copy the email address of that account or just remember. After that you need to go for the settings which will be in the right side of the page with the text itself. You need to click on it and then the short settings tab will pop down in right side.
  7. There, you will need to search for the “More Settings” text in the bottom of the right screen. So, inside that, you will see some bird-eye view option in left side. There you need to click on the “Security and Privacy” section.
  8. In that page, you will see the “Blocked addresses” text with a “+ Add” button. You will need to click on that and then paste that email address in the given blank.
  9. After adding the email address, you need to click on the “Save” button. Then you will need to go back to the home page and start surfing emails. You will not receive any emails from that particular email address that you have added in block list.

This is how you manage email address in block list to avoid spam messages.

MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings

MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings | MindSpring Email IMAP POP Configuration

MindSpring (EarthLink) is the popular internet service provider and also the communication provider company. From which, email is one of the service that is provided to customers freely. You need to know whatever SMTP and IMAP are. SMTP means a server that mailing facility has. It permits you to send emails from your EarthLink email account to other email accounts. Those email accounts include Outlook or Gmail and also other email providers/programs. And IMAP is exactly vice versa of SMTP because it allows you to check your messages and mails in your MindSpring (EarthLink) account through the mails that has been sent to your other email accounts provided by other email providers/programs. You can go for MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings and we will guide you through.

MindSpring (EarthLink) SMTP (Outgoing) Server Settings / MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings:

  • Server Address :
  • Port : 587
  • Authentication : Yes
  • Encrypted Connection : TLS           : true-explicit
  • User :

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MindSpring (EarthLink) IMAP (Incoming) Server Settings:

  • Server address :
  • Port : 143
  • Authentication : Yes
  • Encrypted Connection : SSL (NO)  : true-implicit
  • User :

MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings

If IMAP is not supported then you can use the POP or POP3 server.

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MindSpring (EarthLink) POP3 Server settings / MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings:

MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings

  • Server address :
  • Port : 995
  • Authentication : Yes
  • Encrypted Connection : SSL           : true-implicit
  • User :

These are the settings that you need to for the SMTP and IMAP and also the POP3. Setting this, you will need to your login details to do it.