Lycos POP And SMTP Settings Step By Step

Lycos POP And SMTP Settings | Lycos Pop Mail Settings

Lycos is the web service which has a search engine, mails, new and other many more services. Mail is the basic need for every person.First of all, you need to know whatever SMTP and IMAP are. SMTP means a server that mailing facility has and it permits you to send emails from your Lycos email account to other email accounts like Outlook or Gmail and also other email providers/programs. Lycos Pop settings are also essential for the similar purpose.

And IMAP is exactly vice versa of SMTP because it allows you to check your messages and emails in your Lycos account through the mails that have been sent to your other email accounts provided by other email providers/programs.

Lycos POP and SMTP Settings are given separately below:

Lycos SMTP (Outgoing) Server Settings:

Lycos POP And SMTP Settings

  • Server Address :
  • Port : 25
  • Authentication : Yes : Password
  • Encrypted Connection : No
  • User :

If IMAP is not includesso, you can use the POP or POP3 server.

Lycos POP Server settings:

Lycos POP And SMTP Settings

  • Server address for Lycos Pop: is the server for Lycos POP
  • Port : 110
  • Authentication :Password
  • Encrypted Connection : No
  • User :

So these are the Lycos POP And SMTP Settings.

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