MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings

MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings | MindSpring Email IMAP POP Configuration

MindSpring (EarthLink) is the popular internet service provider and also the communication provider company. From which, email is one of the service that is provided to customers freely. You need to know whatever SMTP and IMAP are. SMTP means a server that mailing facility has. It permits you to send emails from your EarthLink email account to other email accounts. Those email accounts include Outlook or Gmail and also other email providers/programs. And IMAP is exactly vice versa of SMTP because it allows you to check your messages and mails in your MindSpring (EarthLink) account through the mails that has been sent to your other email accounts provided by other email providers/programs. You can go for MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings and we will guide you through.

MindSpring (EarthLink) SMTP (Outgoing) Server Settings / MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings:

  • Server Address : smtpauth.earthlink.net
  • Port : 587
  • Authentication : Yes
  • Encrypted Connection : TLS           : true-explicit
  • User : username@emailprovider.com

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MindSpring (EarthLink) IMAP (Incoming) Server Settings:

  • Server address : imap.earthlink.net
  • Port : 143
  • Authentication : Yes
  • Encrypted Connection : SSL (NO)  : true-implicit
  • User : username@emailprovider.com

MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings

If IMAP is not supported then you can use the POP or POP3 server.

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MindSpring (EarthLink) POP3 Server settings / MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings:

MindSpring Email IMAP POP Settings

  • Server address : pop.earthlink.net
  • Port : 995
  • Authentication : Yes
  • Encrypted Connection : SSL           : true-implicit
  • User : username@emailprovider.com

These are the settings that you need to for the SMTP and IMAP and also the POP3. Setting this, you will need to your login details to do it.

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